Nemesis no more

Sunday morning and my landlady arrived at 10am. It was sadly time to bid farewell to the pink sofa!

Letad and I lifted the scratchy pink cushions off the scratchy pink base. We lifted it and gently wiggled it around corners and through doorframes. We squeezed and pushed it until it popped out through the front door and into the hall. And we slammed the door behind it.

Then a man with a van came to pick it up. And it was gone.

After a year with the pink sofa, the little flat looked strangely barren again. Dare I say I had grown a little fond of my nemesis after all.

Not for long however, I did a little furniture rearranging after work and suddenly things looked much nicer. A lovely blue grey calm exuded from the wall where the pink horror once stood.

Pink sofa gone!

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