The Sauerkraut Club

Where I work there are quite a few clubs.

There’s Salad Club where everyone brings ingredients to make salad. Then there’s Soup Club for the end of the month when everyone’s run out of money and are eating tinned soup because they can’t afford salad. And there’s Craft Club where people get together to do crafts and drink pints. It’s all good.

This week I’m the inaugural member of the Sauerkraut Club. Having eaten far too many lentils, I have bloated to the point of explosion (I’m like the girl who turned into a giant blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory except in my case, I’m a giant lentil!)

Two of my best friends in LA are on raw food diets and are eating loads of sauerkraut to build healthy gut bacteria and so I thought I’d better found the London branch of the Sauerkraut Club and follow suit.

It’s surprisingly addictive and seems to be helping. No takers at work yet surprisingly but there’s a vegan who I might be able to persuade to join!

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