Designing Designer

Back in the saddle.

A lot of my time is spent art directing and recently I haven’t been doing what I’m actually quite good at, designing. Today however I walked in to work, picked up my trusty drawing tablet and sat down at my desk.

Pushing my sleeves up, it was time to get back in the saddle and start designing again. Hello Photoshop, I’ve missed you!

By 6pm I was feeling pleased with where I’d ended up. A new direction done. Products, patterns, logos, the lot. I can work extremely fast and so with a conference call with the US scheduled for 7:30pm, I headed back to the little flat so I could do the call from home.

By 7:45pm the call was finished. Everyone loved the new direction and now I have a week to finish it before the office shuts down literally as we’re moving to Camden and I’m off to France for Easter.

Cracking the whip!

One Pound Down

A pound, a pound, my kingdom for a pound.

Actually the scales have started to behave and I’m a pound down this morning! Shout from the rooftops, ring the church bells and alert the media! 

Well, before getting too carried away, let’s see what happens tomorrow. As I know from experience, it can all go pear shaped… literally!

Groundhog Day

Hang on a minute, how is it Monday again?

What weekend? Two days does not a weekend make!

On the plus side, the scales have now gone down by half a pound… it’s hardly a celebration but at least there’s a small incentive.

And so to walk and to work… rinse and repeat.

Wedding Diet Week One

Nothing appears to have happened during Wedding Diet Week One. 

I’ve worn the FoolBand every day. Apparently I’ve walked sixteen kilometers and burned 3826 of the 48,000 calories of my goal. 

The bathroom scales appear to be broken as they stubbornly refuse to change. The display has stayed the same for the past three days. Lies, surely!

It’s exceedingly dull but it seems this might be harder than I previously thought. In the past I just ate less, lived on lentils, went to yoga and maintained my ideal weight. 

Now I’m living on lentils, have given up eating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy, meat or basically anything except vegetables, lentils and quinoa. I’m walking at least an hour a day and yet, nothing. If this goes on, I’ll have to do a juice fast and then the fun really starts!

Perhaps London has affected my metabolism?

Icing Roses

In a moment of madness I thought I might have a crack at making a wedding cake. 

Wedding cakes are outrageously expensive as is everything else with the word wedding slapped in front of it. Why not just buy a white dress for half the price of a “wedding” dress? Hmm, lesson learned perhaps?

So wedding cake becomes cake. After all, how hard could it be?!

We did some research and found a few photos of cakes we liked. Both Letad and I were liking the idea of piped buttercream roses on a filled sponge cake. There was an elegance and simplicity we liked.

A cake I liked the look of…
Simplicity and elegance

Forgetting that people study for years to become accomplished bakers, I bought a flower nail, piping nozzle and piping bags. I bought some pre-made icing to practice with (which I wouldn’t serve to a dog it tasted so nasty) and off I went. 

I added a subtle lavender colour which I thought was pretty. I filled up the piping bag, watched a two minute video on YouTube and off I went.

Round one… fairly abstract
Round two… looking better
Round Four… don’t mention Round three!

Four attempts later and I was pleasantly surprised. My last attempt looked pretty good even to my untrained eye.

Whether or not I actually make the cake remains to be seen…

Wedding Shoes

While out and about yesterday I spotted a pair of shoes I liked.

Having accomplished the flower girl and bridesmaid dresses yesterday, I headed back to Selfridges to my old faithful shoe brand, Prada. It must be said that when it comes to brand loyalty, I’m committed!

The shoes were there. Not the sparkly, outrageously expensive ones I’d found online but something more subtle, less ballroom and hopefully more me. They cost a lot less than the other pair which, at over twice the price, were never going to happen. One has to draw the line somewhere.

I tried them on, ah yes, these will definitely work and even better, they’re not just for weddings. I’m now wearing them around the flat to break them in. Not that they really need it.

Wedding shoes, done.