Spring at last!

Yesterday Spring decided finally to lift her sleepy head and make a belated appearance. 

A whopping six degrees celsius meant that Londoners came out of hibernation and ventured outside. It wasn’t quite as good as Blissfully Warm Tuesday a few weeks ago when the temperature exploded to an incredible twelve degrees but with sunshine in our eyes and my tights feeling almost but not quite too warm, Letad and I took to the streets and ventured over to Islington, Canonbury and Barnesbury to explore some other neighbourhoods of North London.

We walked around the streets looking at lovely Georgian and Victorian architecture and admired the history and heritage of London. We strolled along the New River path, which as it turns out was an aqueduct completed in 1613 to bring drinking water from Hertforshire to North London. An interesting historic piece of trivia. www.shelford.org

The ducks seemed unaware of the history as they quacked happily in the early Spring sunshine.

After a few hours we decided it was time for lunch and so headed off to the Draper’s Arms for a gastropub lunch. www.thedrapersarms.com

It was just warm enough to brave the garden and so being the first customers to sit outside in 2013, an accolade indeed, we sat in the sunshine enjoying a very civilized lunch.

After lunch we continued the meander through Islington, back to Angel where we jumped on the Northern line to bring us back to Chalk Farm.

Emerging from the station, it was still warm (incredible!) and we decided to head along Regents Park Road to Primrose Hill where, for the first time in many months, people were sitting on the grass enjoying the first warmth.

By six o’clock it was cooling and we set off home to enjoy two more hours of daylight and a lovely sunset. 

I now completely understand the English obsession with weather. Having experienced a long, cold winter culminating with the coldest March in fifty years (it was snowing on Thursday) the bliss of a warm day is unimaginable.

I will never take nice weather for granted!

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