17 days

Only 17 days to go until I go to France for a week! Hurray, I can’t wait!

We have lots of wedding things to do (finding a caterer being fairly important) but I’m hoping we can cram everything into a couple of days so we can have a few days off.

This means I’ve been in my job for almost five months. It’s gone amazingly fast and when I think back to where I was this time last year, what an enormous change.

In April last year I was skipping across Regents Park to Agnes B. It was fun and I enjoyed it for the time I was there. I miss some of the people I met and I enjoyed chatting to the customers. 

Now I’m back in my real career where I spend long hours sitting at the computer, where I have challenges and deadlines but perhaps the joie de vivre isn’t quite the same.

Pros and cons to both…

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