5am and the birds woke me with their inaugural dawn chorus. The winter of discontent is officially over and I’m feeling fantastic after what feels like months of doom, gloom and complaining about the weather. Hurray!

There was no point trying to sleep so I got up and weighed myself. Hurray the giant lentil is finally retreating and I’m starting to feel like me again. After what seems like forever but in reality is about a month, I’ve lost about five pounds. I’m not quite at my fighting weight yet but with just under three months to go until the wedding, things are looking good.

With the day off to a fabulous start, I decided to risk using the power converter which arrived yesterday and take my trusty Vitamix out for a spin. The Vitamix is the world’s most expensive blender and something I used daily while living in LA.

Since relocating to London I’ve missed my morning smoothie, my easy soups and my experimental hummus which never quite worked. At the outrageous price of over £400 in the UK (which I would never pay) I was extremely nervous about blowing up the Vitamix with the higher voltage.

And so with my ingredients ready and waiting, I plugged everything in and flipped the switch. Great news, I didn’t get electrocuted and the Vitamix didn’t explode. Another massive hurray for the morning as the familiar sound of the Vitamix doing its job filled my ears and before long, a delicious breakfast smoothie was ready. Yum.

With breakfast finished, the washing on, the early morning sunlight filling the little flat in Chalk Farm and still only 7:30am, I might even go to work early. After all, I can be there in ten minutes!

Can the week get any better? I suspect it might….

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