A Cheeky Weekend

Friday and after what had suddenly turned into a rather insane afternoon, it was finally 6pm and I made a dash for the tube. I was sneaking off to France for the weekend!

My timing was good and by 7:15pm I was at Heathrow with plenty of time to spare for my 8:40pm flight. Except that it wasn’t 8:40pm after all as my flight was delayed.

I was flying British Airways for a change and so I settled down for an hour and a half wait filling the time skyping with one of my best friends in LA.

By the time I arrived in Nice it was 1am. A tired Letad was waiting for me and we were both a little grumpy. It was very late.

Saturday morning we emerged mid morning in much better moods and went to look at a house. One of the things we both want is a garden and so we’ve started looking at nearby houses. The little house above the Boulangerie is progressing well and at some point we’d like to sell it.

The house we saw was interesting. It needed a lot of work but the garden and pool were very appealing with a rustic terrace, olive trees and a view of the nearby hills. It was very tranquil and despite the rain, we could see the potential. Hmm, food for thought.

We set off after a quick lunch to go brocanting. One of my favourite pastimes, there are second hand furniture warehouses called Trocs selling all kinds of crap and some hidden gems. Each weekend there are Vides Grenniers (Empty Attic, the French equivalent of car boot sales) where antique beds, glass balls and large gilt framed mirrors can be found lurking behind 70s melamine furniture.

This time we stumbled across a nice cabinet which would be fabulous in the new bathroom. I hope it’s still there on Monday!

The current house project is to create a bathroom from what was a bedroom and a bedroom from the room formerly known as the bathroom. The little house above the Boulangerie is set over four floors and the bathroom was a floor below the main bedroom, next to the living room.

Having spent quite a lot of time in the house, it was maddeningly inconvenient to have to go up one flight for a shower or down two flights for a bath. Why not swap the bathroom and the little bedroom over to have a lovely new bathroom across the landing from the master bedroom? Genius!

This week Letad and his brother are working on the new bathroom. I’m very excited to see their progress on Saturday!

The weekend and the rain continued but our spirits weren’t dampened as we enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch in nearby Bar sur Loup where we ate at L’Ecole des Filles, a rustic restaurant in a former girls’ school. The food was delicious and we enjoyed a relaxed meal and good conversation accompanied by a few laughs.

After lunch we repaired to the little house where we arranged furniture and pictures and the bedroom in the eaves has been transformed from dark and depressing with a water damaged floor to a calm, restful retreat.

I’m really quite enjoying the process of furnishing the little house.

Monday morning and at an absurdly early hour, we got up and drove to the airport. It dark, raining heavily and Letad had forgotten his glasses. Not the most relaxing journey!

All went well as I landed in a sunny London and by 9am was on the Gatwick Express heading to work.

Only five days and I’ll be heading back to France for a welcome week off work, a week to organise the wedding!

Busy, busy!

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