A cheap night out

Friday evening and I set off to Islington to meet my aunt, uncle and cousin for dinner. Yorkshire comes to Islington and we were off to a French restaurant, a warm-up for the wedding!

You know you’ve lived in London for a while when £3.95 for a starter sounds outrageously cheap, a main course is £8.95 and dessert is a bargain at £2.95. Prices unheard of and yet, those were the prices at Le Mercury, Deuxieme, on Upper Street in Islington.

The food was ok. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t epic and there’s a good chance I may get food poisoning from the Moules Marineres as they tasted slightly dubious but so far so good and I’m still standing. I couldn’t fault the prices and it was good company so an excellent evening all in all.

And then I staggered off to Holloway Road (the Thatchers were hurting) to get a late tube home.

Now there’s an experience…

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