The Final Countdown

Friday, and I’ve suddenly realised that this is my last free weekend before setting off to France on July 13th. Which is only in two weeks…

The next two weekends are booked up with friends and family and so it’s time to get serious as I still haven’t decided what I’m doing with my hair and makeup. Oh, and we don’t have any music organised yet so that’s not much of a party!

This weekend I’m planning a trip to Selfridges for a little makeup experimentation. This could backfire horribly as I tend to be fairly natural however perhaps this is the time to up the ante especially as it looks as though it will be hot and the last thing I want is a shiny nose! 

I may also venture into the world of lingerie while I’m there as, accused of being unromantic by my betrothed and it’s no good saying I’m from Yorkshire, there may need to be something pretty in my suitcase.

And so the wedding plans continue… a busy weekend ahead.

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