Wearing Wedding Shoes

As I rashly bought the highest heels I’ve ever owned as my wedding shoes (hello 5 inches) I’ve had to start wearing them in so I’m prepared to totter down the rustic path to the little chapel at the chateau in the South of France. In my own defense, I did buy them by accident as I didn’t realise how high they were until it was too late.

Completely impractical (and they’re suede!)

When I bought the shoes in April it was hard to imagine it would ever be warm again. Now with July a matter of hours away, summer is here and the south of France will be hot. It may even be over 30 degrees which exceeds my ideal temperature by at least six degrees.

The thing is, I suffer from the terrible affliction of hot feet during the summer. It’s a truly horrible thing and can only be cured by extinguishing the poor, swollen, burning feet in cold (preferably) iced water and even then, the relief is only temporary.

Given that condition, I’m concerned about how my feet will cope in five inch heels on a hot day. I’m walking around the little flat practising and so far, all is well but France could be a very different story.


Perhaps I’ll stash a pair of emergency flip flops in the chapel…

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