The Wedding… Part Four

We carefully picked our way from the chapel to the reflecting pool where champagne and delicious canapés were served.

We mingled among friends and family with Christian Dior’s beautiful chateau creating a stunning backdrop.

The grass was damp and the ground soft. Those wearing heels found themselves sinking slowly, slowly into the earth and looking around there were images of friends heel deep in the mud. We moved to find higher ground. Sadly the gorgeous suede impractical Prada wedding shoes had a tide line of mud. Hopefully they’ll recover when the mud has dried.

I made my way to a drain cover and there Letad and I stood for a while as we were greeted, congratulated and kissed.

Pious Giles refused to stay for a drink and as he left, I finally started to relax.

Delicious canapés circulated in the form of fig on warm polenta and a caramelised onion tartlet; bruschetta including a pea purée and mint and an olive tapenade. Accompanied by crisp, cold champagne, it was the perfect start to our Provençal banquet.

We slowly moved to the terrace where two long banquet tables were, by some miracle, set for dinner. Ten white table cloths had been washed, dried and ironed between the torrential rain and the ceremony. Gorgeous flowers and candles in jam jars created the perfect balance of casual beauty and the scene was set for the evening to come.

I found my way to my seat and sat down… next to my husband.

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