The Wedding – Part Five

The setting was perfect as we sat down and helped ourselves to an array of Provençal salads, tomatoes and mozzarella, artichoke, delicious pesto.

The wine poured and the conversation flowed. I said a few words of welcome and then we settled down to enjoy the ambiance.

Before long the wine took effect and a Mexican wave went around the tables. It seemed to break any remaining ice as everyone joined in and around it went again and again.

By the time the main course of poached salmon and lemon risotto was served, a great time was being had by all. Photos were taken against the sunset (and will be posted soon) and the evening was perfect.

A best man’s speech, witty, personal and very well received set the tone for spontaneous speeches from friends and family alike and it seemed new friendships were being formed all around.

We cut the gorgeous fruit-covered, cream filled sponge wedding cake and then, with the troublesome playlists finally complete, the dancing began.

It was fantastic to see so many people spontaneously dancing especially as Neil Diamond proved to be a popular choice for many. Arms were waved and hands were clapped.

By 2:30am, a few stragglers remained and Letad and I said goodnight. It had been over so quickly. Six months of hard work but a great success and while it was a blur for us, everyone had loved it.

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