Corsica – Day One

Arriving on the car ferry at Ile Rouse, we disembarked and set off to wind our way south towards Porto Veccio.


Corsica is a land of many terrains it would seem and we drove from the turquoise coastal waters through craggy mountains and low hung clouds and back.

Through the mountains

We stopped for a spontaneous lunch at Chez Theresa, a small beach shack reminiscent of Mexico where fresh oysters and prawns were simply delicious.

Almost deserted beach
At Chez Theresa

Continuing on we discovered a rustic brocante where wrought iron bedsteads and old French shutters filled us with inspiration. We resisted the temptation to fill the car with crap on our first day, perhaps we’ll go back before we leave.

Resisting the crap

Arriving at the Ambassador hotel, a poorly named delightful cluster of adobe-style stone villas nestled around irregular shaped pools reminiscent of fresh water rock pools, we discovered our delightful room and sat on the deck enjoying the view before heading down, by golf cart, to the Plage de Palombaggio for a lazy swim.

View of the garden, The Ambassador
Private deck at The Ambassador

By early evening we returned and sat enjoying a delicious cold glass of rosé on our deck before deciding to join the barbecue.

The pool at The Ambassador

And that turned out to be quite surreal…

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