The Wedding… Part Seven

After breakfast we spent an hour at the pool. There were a few people the worse for wear, a few missing jackets from the night before but in general, good moods all round as the diving competition began. 

The challenge… to dive through an inflatable rubber ring. The success… dependent on body size. 

By early afternoon, subtle remarks about hunger resulted in us serving lunch on the terrace, a combination of leftovers, charcuterie, cheeses and bread. It was a very hot day and while the intention had been to play rounders, there was a general lack of enthusiasm. 

Letad and I spent the day serving food, drinks and cleaning up. We were exhausted by the time we left the chateau, the Mini was complaining loudly and we weren’t sure we’d make it home. 

Thankfully we finally made it after screaming along the péage, the hot wind blowing in our faces and the car about to die. We dropped the kids off and then Letad set off to the airport to pick up an emergency rental car to take to Corsica as we feared the Mini wouldn’t make it. A very good decision as it turned out. 

With that done we made our way to the square in Valbonne for dinner and farewells to family and friends. 
The wedding was finally over. Next stop… Corsica!

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