A very surreal meal

We decided to eat at the hotel for our first night in Corsica and had been given the option of the restaurant or a barbecue.

After a delicious glass of chilled rosé on our deck, it was getting on for 9 o’clock and so we ambled down to the poolside tables to see what was going on.

We sat at a small table in the grass with one mosquito coil and a candle for light. We sat for a while before a bowl of crisps, some olives and a few small slices of bread spread with various dips arrived.

At 10pm, after the slightly underwhelming first course, a plate of meat arrived. It was dark by that point and the meat wasn’t easy to see. Probably not a bad thing as two dubious sausages, a chicken leg, a small chop of some unknown animal and what might have been a piece of bacon sat sadly on the plate.

I decided not to partake and enjoyed the large vat of rosé I’d been given (in contrast to Letad’s smaller glass) while he bravely worked his way through the meat.

His ‘n Hers glasses of Rosé – mine was the big one!

In a strangely disconnected way, after the meat we were given salad and vegetables. And finally what looked like chewed fruit.

During the course of the meal several wine glasses had been dropped by the staff and Letad’s wine had accidentally been knocked over him. 

We decided it was time to leave the surreal Corsican barbecue as we’d given the mosquitoes enough blood.

And so to bed.

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