Corsica Day Four – Porto Vecchio

We decided to have a slow day as we have a tendency to try and do everything and we were both feeling very tired.

Porto Vecchio

And so on Thursday morning, we drove slowly into Porto Vecchio to explore the town described as the St Tropez of Corsica. We realised we were out of cash and spent a very hot hour wandering around trying to find a bank which would work. In the end we decided we would just have to eat more in order to use a card.

We ate petit dejeuner in the square as we enjoyed the lazy ambiance. We liked Porto Vecchio, it was chic but quiet, small but stylish and we spent a couple of hours happily poking around the town.

Doing the funky gibbon

Going into a hat shop for Letad to continue his search for the perfect hat, we found the owner a little uptight as he explained that hats should only be picked up by the brim and not by the crown. Too much hattitude for us unfortunately as we left his shop (I know, I know, I blame Letad).

Relaxing over Petit Dejeuner
The best postcards

After an easy picnic lunch overlooking the port where a delicious Provençal cheese wrapped in leaves proved to be the surprise highlight of the meal, we decided to return to the pool at the hotel. It was forty degrees Celsius, far too hot for humans and so we headed back to swim and relax by the pool.

Infinity pool at Les Bergeries

And so the rest of the day whiled slowly away as Letad slept (and occasionally snored) and I did some writing. A hard day indeed.

Finally relaxing

For dinner we decided to eat at the restaurant and while the setting was perfect, the infinity pool blending with the horizon, there were a few persistent wasps. Les guêpes were annoying.

Anyone for tennis?

Asking for help, we were given a battery operated tennis racquet which was, in fact, an electric swatter. Wasp tennis became the order of the evening as we batted somewhat ineffectually at our uninvited guests. Letad did manage to burn his finger though as he checked to make sure it was working – it was.

Dinner was late and wasn’t great. I gave it a five out of ten and have decided that if I ever become a food critic which I think would be hilarious fun, my nom de plume would be La Guêpe – the wasp.

And so after too much cheese, time for bed. 
Bonne Nuit.

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