Corsica Day Five – Ile Lavazzi

Waking reluctantly early, we set off back to Bonafacio to get a boat to Ile Lavazzi. One of two islands situated off the southern coast of Corsica, Ile Lavazzi is a nature preserve and promised crystal clear water and good snorkelling.
Heading out to Ile Lavazzi
Leaving Bonafacio

Arriving with baguettes, water, sunscreen and snorkelling gear, we found a secluded spot and slid carefully into the water. It was lovely and the visibility good… as it turned out, all the better to see the jelly fish!

We snorkelled for a while before emerging to sit on a rock to eat lunch. Letad had a few stings, I had luckily managed to avoid the nasty tentacles. I did offer to wee on Letad’s stings but he declined which was lucky as I didn’t need to go anyway.

After our early lunch, we decided to get the boat back. On the return trip we were taken past the Grain de Sablé, a rocky plinth standing alone near Bonafacio before the boat entered a secret grotto, rocky walls echoed around us, a sliver of light came from above and with absolutely clear water below, it was stunning and a highlight of the day.

Inside the grotto
Looking up

Colours of Corsica

Returning to land, we enjoyed a coffee in the port before braving the forty degree temperatures to get to our next hotel, the U Capu Biancu.

First impressions weren’t great as we drove down a long windy road to what looked a Motel 6 however things improved once inside. 

As we unpacked the car, a loud braying announced the presence of a donkey, obviously unaware he was destined to become salami, a recent Corsican discovery.

The terrace at U Capu Biancu
Seating deck at the hotel

The room was interesting and our least favourite so far as a strange combination of hessian and teapots greeted us. It didn’t bode well but as we made our way to the beach we discovered the most stunning cove with incredible crystalline water, a rustic beach cafe and a few boats anchored in the benign bay.

Down to the cove…
Discovering the beach cafe…

We swam in the nicest Corsican water we’ve discovered so far and then, enjoying an (astronomically expensive) gin and tonic at the rustic beach restaurant we sat absorbing the incredible view. It was paradise.

View from the beach cafe
After the bill came
Beach lounging
The beach

Wandering back to the hotel, we swam again, this time in the free form infinity pool lined with natural rocks. The room wasn’t great but everything else made up for it. The only thing left to do was sample the food in the restaurant…

Lovely pool
Corsican donkeys – pets or food?

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