Corsica Day Five – Catastrophe de Thon

We decided to eat at U Capu Biancu as there weren’t any other options and so dressing for dinner we sat on the panoramic deck enjoying our aperitifs as we perused the menu.

Panoramic deck
Calm before the storm…

I decided to start with prawns, followed by tuna while Letad had an artichoke ravioli and a seafood grille. All sounded good.

The entrées arrived. They were enormous, delicious but far too big. I ate a prawn and gave the rest to Letad as we swapped plates. We ate slowly and were pleased when the next course didn’t appear too quickly.

When the main course arrived I looked at my plate. Two pieces of seared tuna, a pea purée (which should have been a mousseline) and vegetables. It looked good.

I cut into the tuna. Hmm, something wasn’t right. The texture didn’t seem like tuna and tasting it, the abundance of salt drained my mouth of moisture. It was completely inedible and I managed to bite the inside of my cheek at the same time. Ouch!

Letad bravely tried it and agreed and so (being English) we reluctantly explained that it was very salty and I couldn’t eat it. The mortification.


Rather than removing the offending plate, the hotel provided an additional piece of seared tuna cooked with slightly less salt. It was enormous and accompanied by a foam which looked suspiciously like spit. We could only imagine what the chef thought of les Anglaise.

Looks like spit to me

Of course by this time I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry and couldn’t eat the replacement fish. It was a catastrophe.

We left the restaurant as soon as we could and went to bed feeling slightly ill.

Probably a good idea to look up Aller Retour de Thon…

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