Corsica – Day Six Propiano

A lovely lazy morning was spent at U Capu Bianca.

We enjoyed a large buffet breakfast where we hoped we weren’t remembered from the night before and then we wandered down to the beach where we relaxed on loungers before taking a kayak out for a paddle around the bay. We swam periodically and relaxed in general. We felt we’d been very busy in Corsica. 

We lounged for a while before heading to the pool for a swim and another lounge. It was a glorious setting and one unfortunate meal hadn’t spoiled our experience.

Finally at 3pm we relinquished our loungers and set off around the coast to Propriano, a small beach resort on the west coast.

We followed the road around until we arrived at our destination, a red painted building on an incredibly hot beach greeted us, no shade in sight for the delicate skinned among us. We’d arrived at Le Lido, our bed for the night.

Cowering under my large striped hat, we made our way inside and checked out the accommodation.

View from our room, Propriano

It was a far cry from our lovely hotels so far as the hacienda-style rooms set around a dappled courtyard (a la Lonely Planet) turned out to be more motel than hotel and the manager had the sort of wandering eyes where one isn’t sure which eye to talk to.

It was starless in our rating system (despite claiming to be three stars) and probably the worst motel I would want to stay in without going to the third world. To be fair though, it was clean and had air conditioning so things could have been much worse.

Three stars apparently…

We decided to brave it for a night and with our next night arranged for Agaccio, we set off into town to find a cold drink and something to eat.

It was hot, like no temperature known to man and I could feel myself crisping up like bacon. We wandered down the main road, the Rue de Napoleon until we found the Bar a Vin, a rustic local epicerie and bar where an old dog scratched languidly at his fleas and we enjoyed Corsican cheese, charcuterie and a local wine. We watched people pass by, tempers were short, people looked hot and the most popular word was chaud…

Inside the Bar a Vin, Propriano

By the end of the evening it had cooled down a little and we strolled back to Le Lido restaurant for dessert. Ironically the hotel restaurant was Michelin starred, the desserts were delicious and we walked out on to the empty beach beyond to look at the star-filled sky.

It would have been the perfect end to the night however it would appear that Saturday night is party night in Propriano and so at 2:30am we were awoken with screams of laughter, pumping music and car horns. Party in Propriano! 

4:30am and finally silence reigned.

Party in Propriano

We discovered the results the following morning as it appeared someone had kindly kicked in a panel of our rental car, the footprint was a giveaway.

Time to move on.

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