Corsica Day Seven – Agaccio and North

From Propriano, we drove to Agaccio, the biggest town on Corsica as we headed up the west coast. We strolled through the market, had a coffee, looked at our hotel and decided that while we could sit by a pool for another day, we were feeling more adventurous.
The market in Agaccio

We decided that we would continue on to Calvi at the north end of the island. It was a risk as we may not find somewhere to stay but we felt it was worth it. Agaccio was another beach resort and we were ready for adventure.

We set off north and drove inland discovering some of the most beautiful Corsican landscape we’d seen. 

Inland villages

Just before Corte we discovered the Pont de Vecchio, a railway bridge built by Gustave Eiffel in 1826. It was an impressive feat of engineering in an inhospitable surrounding.

Eiffel’s bridge – from below
Eiffel’s bridge

We debated hiking down to the natural rock pools below but decided to push on to Venaco and Corte where we discovered the true heart of Corsica.

The new road bridge

As the road wound on we passed through the multitude of Corsican terrain, from alpine mountains to desert scrub and finally back to the blue green water of the Mediterranean. We wound our way to Calvi where we found our hotel for the night, Hotel La Villa, a spectacular five star hotel nestled into the hillside above the town.

It would appear the gamble had paid off as we didn’t have to sleep in the car after all!

We lounged by another freshwater pool and swam as we prepared for our last night in Corsica.

Another lovely pool

Sadly the honeymoon was coming to an end.

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