Flat Hunting

After a few days back in London and a slight altercation with my landlord over a water bill, it seemed like it was time to come down from my ivory tower, the Little Flat in Chalk Farm, and start looking at flats.

The reality is that I work in London, in a good job and we need the income. We will be starting married life fairly unconventionally as Letad will be dividing his time between France and London.

Having said that, a one bedroom single Princess pied de terre is just too small for a married couple with two (part-time) teenage kids. And so, on Saturday afternoon I set off to look at a two bedroom flat in Kentish Town, an up-and-coming area between Camden and Belsize Park.

Flat hunting in London is an extremely depressing pastime. Flats are small, dirty and overpriced and while our budget could buy a house outside the city, in London it’s most likely a one bedroom flat unless it’s a complete shithole…

It’s the ground floor flat… enough said

Let’s just say that first impressions were bad and I’ve renamed Kentish Town with a Cu at the beginning. Never one for crudeness, I can’t possibly write it but it summed it up perfectly.

It didn’t help that the estate agent had forgotten about me and showed up half an hour late after I rang to see where he was. London estate agents don’t have to try very hard as demand exceeds supply but really, that was pushing it.

When he did finally show up we went inside. It actually wasn’t that bad and I could see there was potential. As I’ve lived in extremely small homes for the past twenty years, I’m quite comfortable with the idea of bijoux. Letad, however, is significantly taller than me and struggles to fit in the bed for midgets at the Little Flat in Chalk Farm. Somehow I felt he wouldn’t feel the former mini cab office masquerading as a flat, would work for him despite the luxury of a second very small bedroom.

We have until the end of the year and then the lease is up and we’ll have to move from the Little Flat in Chalk Farm. Flat hunting now begins in earnest.


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