Goodbye Bro

By early evening, my brother returned from Hamley’s, a little last minute shopping for his kids as he was leaving to go back to Australia.

By 6:30pm I felt able to face food and so we strolled down the road to Marine Ices, a local Italian restaurant which was full of screaming kids as we were there early and it’s a well known family-friendly restaurant.

We ate and then returned to the little flat so my brother could quickly pack. Time was of the essence and he needed to get to Heathrow. We’d planned on going with him to wave goodbye but as we walked down to the tube, we decided that perhaps a mini cab was a better idea, it was cheaper and hopefully quicker.

And just as well as it turned out as he’d got the time of his flight wrong and made it with only ten minutes to spare.

Bon voyage bro, hopefully it’s not another twenty five years before you’re back!

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