A Secret Village

Arriving back in London, I took the first opportunity to go and see another flat. After the slightly soul-destroying weekend of bad property news, it was time to get back on the horse and so after work, I set off to see a flat in Belsize Park.

I have now decided, despite the delightful temptations of a flat above a kebab shop in Kentish Town, that my preferred area of London is Belsize Park. Close enough to Regents Park, Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath, Belsize Park is filled with quiet tree-lined streets and elegant red brick mansions from another era.

I discovered quite by chance (and the help of an estate agent), a lovely village I didn’t know existed. Dare I share it and risk it being discovered by the hordes of Americans who already live in Primrose Hill? Judging by the accents I heard, I suspect the invasion is already complete!

Hidden London

The flat I saw was very interesting. Large Georgian windows, a strange room within a room which could be redesigned with a little vision and lots of potential. Very high ceilings and a whopping (by London standards) 560 square feet. Please stop laughing if you live anywhere else in the world!

Perhaps the door to Little Venice slammed in our faces for a reason.

Hello Belsize Park!

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