New York Day Six: A Welcome Day Off

Having been to New York many times and having done the major tourist attractions, I decided to go further afield on my day off.

I started the day by walking to the 34th street ferry terminal to get the ferry to Brooklyn. The weather had cooled considerably and while it was sunny, it was chilly.

From the water, the view of Manhattan rose majestically or perhaps that should be congestedly from the river and I wondered about the madness of the architects who built the first skyscrapers.


The ferry took an hour and I finally made it to Brooklyn Park. I jumped in a cab and went to Fort Greene where the flea market was.

I spent a few hours poking through other people’s crap. I found a nice Brooklyn tea towel and some vintage New York cards but otherwise couldn’t look for furniture or glass, my usual brocanting in France.

After the flea market I wandered through Brooklyn, discovering Dekalb Avenue with local eateries and Graham’s Home for Old Ladies.

Graham’s Home for Old Ladies

I have to confess, I don’t quite understand Brownstones. All the buildings are painted brown (hence the name) but with tree lined streets shading the buildings and black painted window frames, Brooklyn felt dark to me.

Another brown Brownstone

By mid afternoon I was starting to fade and decided to head back to Manhattan, this time by subway.

I find the New York subway extremely confusing. I got on a G train which terminated two stops later, crossed the platform as instructed and got on a C train except I was going the wrong way. I got off two stops later but ended up at a station where I could only go in the same wrong direction.

Under the bridge

I set off walking and eventually stumbled across another station. Hurray, this time the C train was heading to Manhattan. I was definitely missing the Northern line at this point, even with engineering works every weekend.

Back in Manhattan I did a little retail research. It’s actually an important part of my job to go shopping so that I’m up to date on what’s trending. It’s quite ironic as I don’t follow fashion personally and am definitely not the target market for the products we design.

And after all that, it was time to relax.

Only two more days to go!

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