Hix Soho

This week Letad and I took one of my senior colleagues to dinner at Hix Soho and I have to say, we loved it! Hix Restaurants

Mark Hix is one of the stars of British gastronomy and refreshingly, he doesn’t have a TV series. I hope it stays that way as his food was contemporary British, simple and delicious.

Finding a good restaurant open on a Sunday evening in London was our first challenge. These days all good pubs and restaurants are fully booked for Sunday lunch and by Sunday evening, most people are at home preparing for the week ahead. We were delighted (and an inspired suggestion of Letad) to discover that Hix Soho was not only open, but ideal.

We started with a selection of appetizers. A delicious plate of late asparagus with quail eggs and greens, thinly sliced smoked salmon and a collection of earthy mushrooms followed a typically British amuse-bouche of pork crackling with apple sauce.

For the main course it was duck for Letad, delicious Hake for me and for my colleague, a steak the size of a double decker bus. It was all perfectly cooked and a pleasure to eat. In true American style the remains of the steak was packaged up to take home and Letad had lunch for at least two days.

Dessert, oh why not? A dense and delicious Pecan pie, an Autumn Mess (meringue, berries and cream) and of course a selection of incredibly rich truffles finished us off and we left, perhaps a little too replete!

We’ll be going back for seconds!

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