It was a lovely Sunday until…

I was having a lovely Sunday. After a very delicious omelette, I had a parental chat and then took myself off for a brisk walk in blustery sunshine around Regents Park.

From there it was to Whole Foods to buy a butternut squash as, despite being able to buy ready-made soup for a pound, I decided it was time to make it myself.

All was good. I was enjoying a restorative weekend and while I roasted the squash in the oven, I reboot my iMac which had crashed. 

And from there, it was downhill. My Mac wouldn’t reboot and despite trying every option (reboot from the system software and other techie advise I found on the Internet), it would appear another of my devices had reached its demise.

I’m off to the Genius bar next Saturday and hope they can salvage something otherwise I will have lost a lot of work, emails and photos. It’s more frustrating and upsetting than I can say.

And so with nothing else to do, it was time to make soup.

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