YouTube Yoga

It’s been a while since I did yoga. I hate to admit it but I think it’s been almost two years since I did it properly. Ouch, that hurt.

I used to go regularly in LA. Every Saturday I would trot off to Exhale in Venice where I would take a fairly advanced class and then I’d be back for more on Sunday or an evening after work if I could.

I’ve never been flexible but I was strong, I could move and I really enjoyed it.

Then I moved to London and started running but for a year, other than walking, I’ve done practically no exercise.

So with my confession over, I decided enough was enough so I spent an hour walking briskly around Regents Park (and it was only drizzling at 7am) followed by YouTube Yoga this evening.

YouTube is a brilliant thing. Free classes uploaded and hundreds of choices.

I made my selection, rolled out my dusty mat on the floor and bent my creaky body as far as it would go.

Despite the screams, it wasn’t very far.

What a horrible realization. It hasn’t taken long to lose my strength and flexibility and I feel I’m back to square one.

Still, the only way is up, or it would be if I wasn’t stuck in downward facing dog…


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