The London Dungeon

Saturday morning with Letad and his daughter in tow, we started with an early breakfast at our favourite cafe, Camomile in Belsize Park.

Fortified, we set off to Apple to receive the tragic news about the death of the iMac. And so we lugged it home and started again. I’ll have to deal with that another day.

We headed back into town and started at Carnaby Street for a little teenage retailing. We avoided getting matching Doc Martens before setting off to Borough Market for lunch.

Now a major tourist attraction, Borough Market was jam packed full of people and we couldn’t face the prospect of actually going in. Luckily a Mediterranean stall was just at the entrance and we were able to nab a small table. With Paella and tasty Mediterranean wraps for lunch, we were just in the nick of time as it started to rain just as we finished.

With my very stylish new navy and pink striped umbrella being put to immediate use, we set off to the London Dungeon for an afternoon of fun!

An hour or so in the queue and we reached the entrance! There’s nothing like standing in the rain to whet the gory appetite.

After shuffling around numerous stage sets and sitting on a couple of gentle rides, we emerged an hour and a half later.

How would I describe it? Hmm, well it wasn’t Disneyland that’s for sure. With a lot of overacting, a lack of scary bits and a great deal of shuffling, I won’t be rushing back.

Having said that, the highlight of the afternoon was the photo taken on the Gallows Drop. I’ve obviously been desensitized as a 30 foot drop barely got a raised eyebrow from me. Letad, on the other hand…

Perhaps it would have been worth buying the photo after all.

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