The extremely decadent weekend: Day Seven. The final hours

Alas the final morning arrived and it was time for our last snorkel.

We’d swum every day in the temperate turquoise water, sliding in off the rocks and clambering out, back up the slippery rocks with the help of a rope.

Despite feeling tired, the water was invigorating and we were able to face another meal.

All too soon we cast our final glance across the ocean, seeing dolphins playing in the distance and with a heavy heart and inevitable tears welling up, I said goodbye to Rob and Stella.

Distance is hard and while life is now in London, part of me will always stay in LA. Still, after discussions about face reading and the benefits of Iyengar yoga, I’m feeling inspired and am looking forward to walking in Regents Park and continuing Ashtanga.

We said goodbye and made our way to the airport where we boarded our flight to Los Angeles where two days of corporate meetings await me.

Still, if I think I’m still snorkeling in Mexico, perhaps I really am.

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