Parliament Hill Farmers Market

Saturday morning and with a drizzle in the air, I set off on a rather cold and grey morning to go to the Parliament Hill Farmers Market.

I’ve been on the hunt for a farmers market since I’ve lived here and bizarrely have only just stumbled across this one. Literally a stone’s throw from the elusive Parliament Hill flat (oh whatever), if we do ever move there, this will be our Saturday morning expedition.

I took a new bus, the C11, and being Saturday morning, it was filled with what I call Buggy Club. Baby buggies or strollers filled every possible nook and cranny and several small people were crying. Several old people were looking perturbed.

Arriving near Hampstead Heath at Parliament Hill, it was Buggy Club galore and reminiscent of the Sunday Farmers Market in Santa Monica as it was kids and dogs as far as the eye could see.

There was a buzz of activity as people shopped for fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, cheese, bread, pastries, flowers, meat and more. Seven grey scruffy dogs were tied against the fence (surprisingly not a Border Terrier among them) and were barking as only tied-up dogs can, indignantly and relentlessly.

I gravitated towards a cheese stall to discover, to my joy, it was all goat’s cheese. Oh the bliss, an array of goat’s cheese all available to sample. I worked my way from mild to strong enjoying what has been for many years, one of my favourite foods and coupled with the mild fantasy of owning a goat and making cheese, something I’m quite excited about!

I went for one of the stronger cheeses, the Wealdway Mature, rolled in ash and with a creamy texture. Yum! Unfortunately the farm doesn’t have open days as I’d be off to Sussex in a heartbeat. nutknowlefarm

After a few more purchases it was getting chilly, time to head home and decide how to eat my cheese. How lovely to have free central heating now that it’s getting cold.

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