One year on…

A year ago I started work at a large US corporation. I was quite overwhelmed with the number of meetings, people and the task I had ahead of me.

One year on and I’m pleased to say I’ve survived. I delivered what I promised I would, I made significant changes to the way things were being done, I went to the US five times and I built a team of designers. I was the first global position sitting in London and reporting to New York which brought its own set of challenges, and diplomacy has been a large part of my role, who would have thought?!

As the year has now ended and I’m on holiday for two weeks, I’m resting and recharging my batteries as it was a tough end to the year.

Despite that I’m proud of what I’ve done and am looking forward to what 2014 will bring…

And so there’s a trip to Arkansas and New York at the end of January as it would seem things went so well without me, I now get to go back.

Happy New Year!

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