The Joys of Christmas Traffic

After a fun day at the brother in law’s house, we set off back to London. We’d spent the day in Farnham, a couple of hours drive from Chalk Farm and we were driving the car of the father of Letad. Best driving required.

All was going well despite rain and challenging driving conditions until we suddenly reached flashing lights and a police road block. Luckily the iPhone map found us a new route and off we went.

All was good until another road block appeared and we were redirected again. And despite finding a new route to take us through Wimbledon, the timing couldn’t have been worse as the battery ran out and the trusty iPhone span its little wheel and went to sleep. How I wished I could do the same!

The darkness closed in and we drove without a clue where we were. Trying to remember the route and trying to visualize the suburbs of London. We drove around in a large circle before thankfully stumbling across a sign to Wandsworth.

By the stage, we were tired and moods were slightly less than buoyant. The rain continued to pour and we gradually wound our way though the dark suburbs until we reached the Thames.

Oh the relief as we crossed the river and were back on the north side. Those of us who live north rarely venture south and have an understandable fear of crossing water.

We were back on familiar ground as we drove through Chelsea to Hyde Park Corner, Park Lane to Marble Arch and down a wet Oxford Street.

It was after 10pm and yet the McDonalds was full and people walked past the array of closed shop fronts in preparation for the Boxing Day sales.

The Christmas lights of Selfridges glistened and glimmered in the rain and made the late drive worthwhile although not necessarily a choice.

By the time we reached Chalk Farm, the mood had deteriorated and the only thing to do was go to bed. Not the best ending to Christmas Day but we were home and warm and dry.


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