The Mince Pie Ratings

As I have been busy scoffing mince pies for the past couple of weeks, it seemed like a good idea to establish a rating system.

As a lover of all things pastry (a true northerner), the mince pie criteria is very important. Is the pastry sweet or slightly savoury? How deep is the mincemeat? What is the alcohol ratio? All important factors.

And so…
Coming in as the worst mince pie ever, the Pret a Manger mince pie. Dry and cakey. Vile.
Second to last: Morrisons All Butter mince pies. Whatever they used it certainly wasn’t butter.
Middle of the range: Sainburys All Butter mince pies. Perhaps they really did use butter.
Second to top: Margaret from Croydon, truly homemade mince pies. A nice rustic mince pie, just like being at home.
The best of the best: Thomas the Bakers Yorkshire mince pies from the parental hamper. Seriously epic mince pies which must be ordered immediately for next year.
And the honourary mention: The mother of my sister in law, Jennifer who came armed with a syringe to inject mince pies with brandy. Now that’s taking it seriously!

And so heading to France for a week of rest and recuperation, I think that’s it for the mince pies for another year.

I do like a nice bit of pastry!

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