Into the Glacier

We had decided it would be worth going to the Glacier Museum at the top of Klein Matterhorn. And so we reached the top of the cable car and walked to the lift which took us down into the glacier.

Into the glacier

It was really bloody cold to put it politely and we questioned the sanity of going deep inside a glacier however as we became more acclimatized, light shone eerily through the ice and we wandered through the silent tunnels appreciating the beauty.

Ethereal light

A slippery slide through the heart of the glacier provided the highlight of the experience and then we were really cold and it was time to go to the restaurant at the top of Europe for a warming meal of bratwurst, onion gravy and chips, washed down with a glass of local Swiss wine. Heathy Swiss living!

Glacier carving or ice hotel?

I might have to rethink my ambition to stay in an ice hotel!

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