Up and back again

Drinking in the view of the Matterhorn and the surrounding peaks was one of the most spectacular views I’d ever seen. While photos can try and capture it, it’s not until you stand outside in the shadow of the Matterhorn that one can truly appreciate the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

A feat of engineering

We took the gondola back down the mountain to Zermatt (we wished we were skiing and decided that we would plan a skiing adventure for our next trip) and we returned to Täsch for dinner.

Passing the Matterhorn, in cloud

Unfortunately we lost track of the time and were phoned by Swiss Dad as we’d missed our 9pm lockout and we didn’t have the front door key. Swiss Dad wasn’t as friendly as we’d broken the number one Swiss rule, punctuality.

We rushed back to the Elite Hotel and tried to appease Swiss Dad with compliments about his magic tea but he wasn’t having it. Chastised, we went to our room. We needed to work on our Swissness it would seem.

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