Bentonville… Finally!

What a different experience. I actually made it to Bentonville this time and while my total time on the ground in Arkansas was 23 hours it was mission accomplished.

I stayed in a lovely hotel, the 21C Museum which was part hotel, part art gallery, the wallpaper printed with flies. Interesting and surprisingly effective. 

I checked in and ordered dinner. Oh room service, the novelty! 

I asked what the soup of the day was. Cole Fire soup was something I’d never heard of, a local delicacy perhaps? It was in fact a vegetable and upon closer questioning, it turned out to be cauliflower…

Cole Fire soup (think southern accent) was delicious and I was asleep by 9pm local time in a blissful king size bed as soft and delicate as a cloud. 

Ten hours later, having slept to midday in London (unheard of for me) I was ready to roll. And with a successful meeting done (the first of about fifteen) I was back at the airport heading to New York. 

It was very cold in Bentonville. 17 degrees Farenheit (minus too many degrees celcius to bear thinking about) and as flights were being delayed and cancelled, I was rushed to the gate. The flight (with all eight passengers) was ready to leave early. It was get out or get stuck. 

We sat on the ground for a while as the plane de-iced and then we pushed back from the gate.

New York bound. 

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