Transatlantic Sobbing

It seems like every time I fly, I end up in floods over a tear-jerker of a movie. 

How can I forget watching Red Dog on a flight back from Australia. After Red Dog died (apologies if you haven’t seen it) I was a wreck for the remaining twelve hours of the flight. It was one of the most poignant films I’d ever seen. 

This time it was a bloody Richard Curtis so-called feel good film called About Time. Bill Nighy (whom I do rather like but who always plays the same character) inevitably dies and that was it, cue tears. It was a fairly stupid time travelling plot but that didn’t seem to matter and I did love “A Time Traveller’s Wife” after all. Sucker!

I blame it on altitude. What else could it be?

And so now for a Woody Allen film to lighten the mood. 

Only another seven hours to Dallas. 

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