And so to sushi

I left the office and walked out in the bitter cold. I could either go back to my hotel and order room service or I could brace the cold and walk two blocks to a busy sushi restaurant. 

I took my life in my hands and walked. It was possibly colder than anything I’d experienced. I walked with only my eyes exposed and even my eyeballs were cold. 
Getting to the restaurant, it was New York busy but luckily I secured a seat at the sushi bar, sat down and ordered a hot saki.  
Now that I’m mature (yikes middle aged?) I don’t care about eating alone. It used to be the thing I dreaded the most but thankfully with maturity and the invention of smart phones, it no longer matters. 
Surrounded by New Yorkers, it’s fair to say the noise level was loud. Compared to sushi in London a couple of weeks ago, a very different experience but then again perhaps I was just extremely tired.
Full of sushi and fading rapidly I headed out to Rockefeller Plaza. I walked the eight blocks to go to Banana Republic to see if I could find something for Letad. 
I was so tired the shopping was surreal and when I finally made it back to my hotel, I collapsed in a heap. 
Only one more day to go. 

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