The conference finally came to an end, the pack of wolves retreated and I gave myself a long weekend to recover. 

We started Saturday morning with the now obligatory round of flat viewings. It had been incredibly windy in the night with the outdoor sofas trying to leap from the very small balcony and the wind had only abated slightly. 
With periodic rain showers and piercingly cold winds, house hunting with minor depression was more than a little unappealling. 
We are slaves to the cause however and so, shunning the bikes, we set off to Archway and Tufnell Park for the first viewings. 
For the first time in months we looked at a flat which wasn’t horrifically overpriced. Perhaps this time we could be the wily buyers offering £50,000 over the asking price and secure the deal. Time to be bullish. 
We saw four flats as we battered our way through blustery winds, umbrellas turning inside out.
Finally we made it back to the extremely overcrowded little flat in Chalk Farm. It’s been a lovely flat but it’s definitely reached maximum capacity. 
We sat down and put in an offer on the reasonably priced flat in Tufnell Park. 
And now we wait…

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