Deja Vu!

Pipped at the post yet again, this time by £20K grrr! 

A shame but then again, we’re glad we’re not paying £65,000 over the asking price. 

We picked ourselves up, had a little mope, debated giving up (failure is not an option) and by lunchtime, Letad was excited about a flat he went to see without me. 
I heard the excitement in his voice and decided I should act. I ran out of work (it was time I took a lunch break), jumped on a bus and went to see the large, gracious Georgian flat in Belsize Park… except I must have been shown the wrong flat as I saw a nasty flat with laminate flooring which needed gutting completely.
Perhaps I was missing something? 
Admittedly I’ve been a bit grumpy but still, I couldn’t see any potential and for me that’s rare. I’ve mentally renovated and redecorated every flat we’ve seen, drawing over floor plans and arranging furniture.
Not the flat for us I suspect…

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