The end of the chain

It was an interesting week.

Having thrown in the towel on the property hunt last weekend, having missed out yet again on another property, Letad having found his dubious dream flat in Belsize Park and with all the hilarious moments of looking at kitchens in cupboards, squats in attics, half bedrooms and lower ground dungeons, an ironic email arrived on late Thursday afternoon announcing that perhaps, after six months, the imaginary flat in Parliament Hill was finally ready to move forward. We couldn’t quite believe it.

Of course there was a catch. The wily seller was now asking for a cheeky £20,000 extra as the market had increased in the past six months. As if we didn’t know.

We weighed up the options. Continue the joy of flat hunting every Saturday or stump up £20k to finally get things moving. Despite the potential end of the least enjoyable hobby ever, we decided to stump up the money.

With the email sent, a phone call came in on Saturday morning just as we were setting off on our bikes to see two more flats. The chain was complete, it was all systems go.

And so on Monday we’ll be instructing solicitors and talking to the bank. In the meantime we’re continuing to look at flats. Until the papers are signed and keys are in hand, the deal isn’t done.

But there’s a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the very dull tunnel and so we celebrated with a drink at what might be our new local, the Bull and Last in Parliament Hill before riding back to Chalk Farm and carrying the bikes up six flights of stairs.

The end in sight… hopefully!

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