Spring has sprung!

It’s as though no one believes it will ever come again as the winter of doom and gloom seems to drag on endlessly. And then with fanfare and a standing ovation, suddenly the mornings are light, the birds sing shamelessly, hundreds of daffodils fill the grass and sun-deprived people appear in shorts and floral dresses and burn. It’s the great annual surprise. As though no one truly believes it will really happen and then, what joy, it’s Spring! Who would have thought that would happen!

This weekend has been the Springiest of Spring Weekends. Starting with a spring clean to take off the top layer of winter dust in the little flat, we walked across Regents Park, through daffodils and cherry blossom to go browsing for something other than grey clothes. For months I have worn one colour and as much as I love the various shades of grey, even I’m ready for a change.

Blossom in Regents Park

We walked up Marylebone High Street, had coffee sitting outside in the sun, continued up to the mayhem of Oxford Street and then after a couple of exhausting hours browsing, I bought my new favourite dress. The weather and the mood, just right for a new Spring look.

We battled our way back on the tube as thousands of people apparently had the same idea and returned home for a rest before braving Morrisons.

Reminiscent of the blossom in Regents Park, the lovely new dress is black and white.

Blossom in monochrome

Not quite grey!

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