A Boat Trip to Greenwich

With a large Victoria sponge in the house, there was only one thing to do. I had to go out. 

It was Mother’s Day and nice weather so London would be bustling, flowers were being bought and mothers were being lunched. I decided to go to Greenwich. For someone who hates crowds, possibly a bad decision. 

Firstly though, choose a mode of transport. I debated cycling but then decided I would go by boat, something I’d never done in London and so something of a novelty. 

I got the tube to Embankment Pier and bought a ticket to Greenwich. Shuffling on to the boat, it was busy but an advantage of being alone meant that the polite seat where someone didn’t want to sit next to someone else was mine!

We were off. The Thames is a tidal river with a strong current. It’s wide and brown and very busy. I wouldn’t fancy rowing on it. 

HMS Belfast & The Shard

From the river the view is fantastic. First stop, the London Eye, the slowest moving Ferris wheel in the world, and then it was the industrial Tate modern, past elegant St. Paul’s, Shakepeare’s Globe theatre, Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London and finally under iconic Tower Bridge. Every possible landmark including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Canary Wharf all for the bargain price of £5.85. Definitely worth it and not the slightest bit tiring. 

Half of Tower Bridge
After Tower Bridge the captain put his foot down and with the occasional wave breaking over the stern, we soon arrived in Greenwich. 
Tower Bridge and Ensign

We disembarked at the newly restored Cutty Sark and as expected, the streets of Greenwich were full. It was like being in Camden!

I headed to the National Maritime Museum to see an exhibition of Turner and the Sea. I’ve been a fan of J. M. W. Turner for a while, as expected, good skies and some very good seas. turner-and-the-sea

I did have a little gripe to myself about how close people stand to paintings. For one thing, it’s impossible to see the whole painting and if people stepped back, everyone else could see (said with a clenched fist while standing on a soapbox!) I tried to set a good example by standing eight feet back but people kept standing in front of me.

Up to the Observatory
Mother’s Day picnics (it wasn’t that warm actually)

After the exhibition I wandered through Greenwich Market (too many people and too crafty for me) and then after a wander to the park and a look up at the observatory I decided it was time to head back to North London. I jumped on the Docklands Light Rail (DLR) again a new experience and before I knew it I was home.

It was just the right time for a nice cup of tea and, oh go on then, a piece of cake.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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