A Taste of Summer

Saturday and the first really warm day arrived. 19 degrees! I decided to walk to my newly-discovered independent fruit and vegetable shop and stock up for the week. Ripe avocados, the joy! 

Camden was heaving with tourists and I was feeling a little hot by the time I got home. Ready for a sit down. 

And so I lounged decadently on the roof terrace reading a book until it felt like it was time for tea. The only thing missing, cake. 

When I was young(er) I used to bake quite a lot, sponge being one of my favourite things. And really there’s nothing better than a Victoria Sponge, strawberry jam and cream marrying an airy, light sponge with a hint of vanilla. So delicious. 

And so having set my mind to it, that was it. I trotted off to Morrisons to buy cake tins, flour, butter, vanilla essence, sugar and eggs. It definitely wasn’t the gluten/dairy free version!

I measured everything painstakingly by the tablespoon (really must buy some kitchen scales as tablespoons of butter are quite challenging to measure) and mixed everything together by hand (an electric mixer would be useful too!) All looked good and into the oven it went. 

It was a little denser than perfection but with a layer of strawberry jam and slightly runny clotted cream, it was the taste of summer on a plate. I confess, I indulged. 
My First Victoria Sponge… 

Unfortunately Letad’s not back till Tuesday, I’m not sure how much will be left by then. 

After all, it was really good for breakfast!

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