The Various Uses of Yogurt Pots

Warning: Contains graphic content. Do not read while eating.

The toilet was blocked. Badly. Things were very nasty.
I went out at lunchtime and bought a plunger.

Arriving home late after a three hour video conference, I rolled up my sleeves, put on a pair of pink rubber gloves and plunged.

Nothing happened except for water deepening both in colour and in stench. Always remember to keep one’s mouth shut in these circumstances.

I plunged again. This time the plunger turned inside out and split. A very poor quality product indeed.

I took a large yogurt pot and manually siphoned off the water (and nasty bits) into the bath. Possibly one of the nastiest things possible. Hopefully the bath wouldn’t block too.

I reached the bottom in so many ways. I stood and pondered the situation. Should I flush and risk overflow or hope that flushing might help?

Life on the edge, I flushed. The water flowed clean into the bowl but the level was still dangerously high.

I decided to leave it for the night.
It would appear there are other uses for yogurt pots.

An evening at the station

Friday evening and we met up at the fabulous Booking Office Bar at St Pancras station, one of the most impressive Gothic buildings in London.

Entry to the station
It was the 81st birthday of the Dad of Letad and we were taking him out for a meal to celebrate the auspicious date. 
The Booking Office Bar

The hotel has been recently renovated and has been transformed from a derelict waste of beauty into an architectural gem and a true testament to Gothic architecture in all its glory. 

St Pancras – often mispronounced. Not Pancreas
We ate in the Gilbert Scott restaurant, named after the architect and what a pleasant evening was had by all. thegilbertscott
The renovated hotel stairs

KMo was given strict budget instructions as to what he was allowed to order and so we started by sharing a delicious smoked salmon platter with pickles and creme fraiche. 

The Dad of Letad and I both scored as we ordered a most delicious Wigmore and onion pie with girolles mushrooms. Wigmore is a Berkshire soft cheese so a hearty and tasty pie was perfect for a damp March evening. 

The Gilbert Scott

We ended with a traditional sticky toffee pudding between the three of us and then surprise, the maître d’ had been eavesdropping and brought out a birthday treat with truffles and a candle. We offered to sing but luckily it wasn’t necessary. 

We ended the evening by bidding farewell as we boarded the underground, some of us bound for Chalk Farm, the other to Turnpike Lane. North Londoners all. It had been a lovely evening.

Happy Birthday KMo!

The Extremely Large Pin Cushion

Note to self, always look at a picture of a product so you know what you’re ordering…

After waiting a year to order the Christmas ottoman, saving up carefully and finally ordering it in December and waiting three months for it to be ready, this week turned into the Great Christmas Ottoman Saga. 

I had been phoned and told it had arrived. Fantastic! Letad and I made plans to collect it and were just about to set off to collect the long-awaited ottoman when I received a call from Liberty to tell me they couldn’t find it. What? I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Four days and one slightly irate customer later, Liberty found the footstool (as they kept referring to it) and agreed to deliver said ottoman in a taxi. 

The ottoman arrived by disgruntled taxi driver and to my enormous surprise and great disappointment, Liberty hadn’t read my mind. I’d always imagined the ottoman would be a large rectangle. 

Who would have thought it would be circular?! I couldn’t believe Liberty was selling a round footstool with a rectangular sofa – what a travesty of design! 
My lovely new rectangular ottoman… not.
Introducing the giant pin cushion!
I was gutted. I’d waited for fifteen months, there was no return on custom made orders and I was going to be stuck with an enormous pin cushion on legs. The added bonus… it’s so well made it will last for the rest of my life!

It was my own fault and as Letad pointed out (in a moment of great male stupidity) perhaps it would have been a good idea to look at a picture before ordering… Yes, yes, all very well after the fact. There’s nothing like being told “I told you so” when you realize you’ve just made a massive mistake.

After a few hours of self flagellation, I decide to embrace the pin cushion. After all, who knows, one day it might become a very expensive dog bed!

Loving the giant pin cushion!

The Ten Pound Challenge is Back

Having watched a programme last night called Famous, Rich and Hungry, I am now committed to embarking on the hotly-debated Ten Pound Challenge.

The programme takes four celebrities and places them with people who claim they can’t afford to buy food. The thing is (and I’m off on an unpopular rant) these people were all on government hand-outs. Living in council flats, they didn’t pay for accommodation, their utilities were subsidized, they didn’t work and it seemed most of them were receiving £267 a week in benefits. And yet they claimed they only had £1 a day for food. They were eating dreadfully but still managed to find the money for fags and big screen TVs.

Granted these people had several children to feed and most of them seemed to have taken out loans with insanely high interest repayments, but when I stopped to add it all up, they had a larger disposable monthly income than me. What? How does that work?

The problem I felt was a lack of education and information. Rather than just throwing money at the problem, people should be educated about nutrition, cooking, cheap good quality food and how to live within one’s means.

And so at the end of the programme, I went on to the Sainburys website and put my shopping list together. I was quite pleased with a healthy varied shopping list which included kale, lentils, eggs, butternut squash and oatmeal and all for ten pounds.

And so we will be embarking on the ten pound challenge next week. Ten pounds for both of us for a week.

This should be interesting.

Relative Silence

I was having a little break from the world of blogging over the past couple of months mainly because it had turned into the blog of doom and gloom. I had several months of misery and I was bored living it let alone writing about it!

From the depths of Arkansas in December and the cold of extreme death upon my return, Christmas challenges and the return of the cold in Austria, it was a rough end to the year. In January it was back to Arkansas, New York and Paris and then the annual creative kicking in February. Add in the unexpected NHS facial scar, the endless flat hunting and the lack of progress on anything and I’d had quite enough.

As with all things challenging, they do eventually come to an end.

With the advent of Spring, the mood has lightened, the birds are singing and Letad and I have been for our first morning walk around Regents Park.

Hurray, I’m back!

Movement at the Station

After three weeks of following up daily, we finally got word that our solicitor had heard from their solicitor and it looked like things were starting to move forward on the flat in Parliament Hill.

It’s been achingly slow progress and for someone with limited patience, the slow grind as the cogs start to move is almost unbearable.

With the mortgage application filed but not yet approved as each day requires a new piece of paper to be submitted, at this rate we’ll be in by Christmas.

Still, movement is good and having just been sent a floorplan, perhaps this will happen after all.

Hurry up!

The Christmas Ottoman

The word on the street is the Christmas Ottoman is finally arriving. Could life get any more exciting?!

And so, true to form, I am now at war with the furniture department at Liberty as they apparently had lost the ottoman on Thursday evening. It’s at least a metre wide so this news was slightly perturbing. By Friday morning, the ottoman had been found, still at the warehouse and due in on Tuesday. Three months later…

My idea (as a now disgruntled customer) is for Liberty to deliver it to me as recompense. Otherwise the fun begins when Letad and I try to load it into a taxi on Tuesday night.

I’m already boycotting the bath department at Liberty due to their non-return or credit policy (don’t get me started). The furniture department might be following soon.

Let the games begin!