Five glass bottles

After an evening spent dysoning with the brand new baby Dyson, a much needed investment for the Little (dusty) House Above the Boulangerie, we were up bright and early to go brocanting.

We started the day by rating the local pain aux raisin, still not as good as the Early Bird cafe in Chalk Farm, but not bad at all, and from there we set off to the Marineland vides greniers (car boot sale) in Antibes.

We were there by 8:30am and had the best brocante on record. Two mirrors, five glass bottles and a double wooden bed frame for the top bedroom. Score! And all for under €150, even better.

We drove home through a triathlon with the wooden bed frame poking out of the Mini and delivering the new old stuff to the house, we started cleaning and polishing. Hours later we stopped, exhausted. I had lost my sense of smell from hydrochloride acid fumes (hopefully it’s temporary) but the bottles were clean.

It would appear there are now fifteen glass bottles scattered throughout the house. My theory is that no bottle should be left behind but have we reached saturation point?

More brocanting to come I’m sure…

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