Smelling the …

By mid morning my sense of smell had returned, just in time to smell flowers, pastry, coffee or dog shit depending on which part of the village one happened to be standing in or on.

Another day of hard work ensued as I took inventory of bedding, towels, crockery and cutlery. Cleaned and decluttered the kitchen, dismantled a small bed and carried it down four flights of stairs, washed bed linen and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. Next on the list, paint the new bed. Next time I go on holiday, I might rethink this plan.

Still, things are looking good and with a trip to the Office de Tourisme done, I’m now armed with brochures for guests to entertain themselves along the Côte d’Azur.

In other housey news, the valuation of the slowest moving flat in Parliament Hill has been completed and apart from being massively overpriced, it doesn’t look as though it’s about to fall down. Apparently it’s been there since 1890 so that’s good news.

And so for the rest of the day, a trip to the enormous Carrefour in Antibes where the preparation for summer rental continues.

Day Two. Exhausted already but soldiering on.
What holiday?!

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