One Hundred and One Ways to Pack a Mini

We only have a couple of weeks to get the little house finished so it was time to assess the bed situation and as we’re claiming the house sleeps six, time to buy a new bed.

We set off to the Carrefour superstore in Antibes to buy a mattress and slats for the new/old bed frame we bought over the weekend. We bought a few extra necessities including lamp shades and then it was time to pack it all in the car.

Before continuing I should mention the car is a Mini.

We did some very creative packing which involved standing the mattress and frame vertically in the back of the car. Luckily it’s a convertible or we’d still be in Antibes, but with the front seat pushed forward, the mattress angled across the back seat, there was just enough room for me to climb into the remaining space carefully holding the lamp shade. And off we went.

We were a ridiculous spectacle and hysterical laughter from onlookers followed us through Antibes, on to the motorway and back to Valbonne. It was quite breezy in the back and by the time we arrived (luckily not arrested or decapitated), I was glad to get out.

Next step, carry everything through the village and try to get it up the stairs.

Before continuing I should mention the house is four stories high with very steep and narrow staircases.

We carried the mattress and slats up to the third floor and there we ran into trouble. The mattress was fine as it was squeezed under rafters and round corners and hooray, a perfect fit for the new bed. A slightly problem though as the supporting slats would not and could not be maneuvered up the narrow staircase.

We tried every angle possible before deciding to give up for the night. Other solutions are now being considered as giving up is not an option.

The bed itself will be painted ivory and hopefully by the time I leave, will be fully functioning. I’m confident it will look gorgeous and hopefully won’t collapse if someone sleeps in it.

Lots of work still to do. Day Three of the least restful holiday ever!

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