Where there’s muck, there’s brass!

Heading off to my favourite shop, the Troc en Stock in Antibes which has the best collection of French crap we’ve come across, our fingers were crossed.

It had been forever since I’d been on one of my pilgrimages to the Troc as they’d been closed over Christmas and I haven’t been back since.

Entering the warehouse, I spotted a lovely collection of antique glass bottles with ground glass stoppers. They were gorgeous but really expensive for the Troc at €25 each. If I had a spare €100 to spend on glass (I can’t seem to get enough) those have my name on them.

We moved on to the antique beds and there, lurking behind an old armoire was the perfect bed. It was a single iron bed frame, dirty and rusty but perfect for the room formerly known as the bathroom, formerly known as the shitbox, now known as the little bedroom but soon to be the Pretty Little Provençal Bedroom.

We found a small table for the bargain price of €7 and with the bed, our grand total was €67. Troc means barter and while we knocked the proprietor down on the bed, she wasn’t coming down to €5 on the table. Still, it was worth a try.

We loaded up the Mini, this time there was room for me in front and off we went.

Arriving home we set to work. Letad painted the bed frame dark grey while I, upon discovering brass knobs, set to work cleaning and polishing.

The task seemed insurmountable except for a stroke of genius (if I say so myself), I tried spraying the knobs with oven cleaner and a hundred years of black tarnish was lifted away. Several hours of spraying and polishing and the knobs were gleaming like new.

As soon as the paint dries we’ll assemble the bed and hopefully it will look beautiful. Not bad for €60!

Hard work but worth it!

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