Hiking in Alpes Maritime

Having picked up a map of local walks in the Office du Tourisme, I started the day with a little bed restoration (still painting the wicker) and then chose my route of the day. 

It was going to be Le Breguet, a 9km trail which was of average difficulty and about two and a half hours long. 
Starting at the village, I set off at 11am as the bells (loudly) chimed above. 
It was a glorious day, the sky clear and the temperature perfect. I soon found myself on familiar ground as the hike seemed to be the same as yesterday’s. I marched determinedly up the steepest part of the hill, my heart racing and my lungs actually breathing in oxygen instead of bus fumes. The novelty!

Reaching the ridge, I followed the trail around until it started to head down and with the sound of rushing water, I discovered La Brague, a pretty creek winding its way through the forest. 

It was a lovely trail, lively waterfalls and serene pools, velvet moss-covered rocks, a canopy of leaves, dappled sunlight, dancing butterflies and lilting birdsong. 

I discovered a magical stone fairy bridge as I wound my way along the path and imagined how much I would have enjoyed playing there as a child. 

It was one of the nicest hikes I’ve done in years, my ideal combination of water and shade!

An hour and forty five minutes later I popped up near the village cemetery (not yet!) and headed back to the Little House Above the Boulangerie. 
Time for a sandwich in the park with daisies, I’d earned it. 
Where to tomorrow?

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